O službě Premier

Imagine that sky is the only thing that's high.

Erste's Premier Mortgage features the lowest available rate – the Premier Rate.*

The Premier Mortgage has been designed to provide you with maximum comfort and convenience. The Premier Rate will spoil you with a rock bottom percentage at all times, even if you renegotiate the terms of your fixed mortgage. In addition, if the balance of your loan is 3 million crowns and higher, you will get access to Erste Premier, exclusive banking services that provide personalized care for important clients.

Mortgage Premier

All parameters of the Hypotéka Premier mortgage are designed to meet the specific needs of creditworthy clients who are always searching for attractive investments for their financial resources.

Hypotéka Premier mortgage:

  • offers best possible rate; in addition, we can guarantee it for up to one year in advance in the event of refinancing a loan from another bank.
  • supports variable repayment for free: you can increase or decrease the repayment amounts by up to 30% or interrupt repayment for up to 3 months
  • is only offered to Erste Premier clients. However, it brings a unique opportunity of advantageous refinancing also for those who are not clients yet.

And all of the above regardless of whether you negotiate a new mortgage with us or transfer your mortgage from another bank.

Premier Mortgage for Erste Premier clients

  • Your personal Premier banker will ensure that your Premier Mortgage application is processed in the shortest possible time.
  • There is no processing fee.
  • Erste's customized banking services include regular updates of your personal financial plan to help you decide whether to use available funds for early repayment of your mortgage or for an attractive investment opportunity.

Have a mortgage elsewhere and want to join the Premier world?

  • If you have a mortgage loan with a balance over 3 million crowns at another bank, obtaining the superior benefits of the Premier Mortgage and gaining access to the world of Erste Premier is easy.
  • Together with Erste's best mortgage specialists, your Premier banker will design an optimal solution to the refinancing of your existing mortgage.
  • Is the balance of your mortgage lower, but you have surplus funds for investment purposes? Pay us a visit too.

Presentational example of a ČS Mortgage Loan:
Total amount of the loan: CZK 1,800,000; amount of the individual monthly payments: CZK 8,007 (the payments include both the principal and the interest); number of payments: 300; interest rate fixed for five years at 2.39% per annum; charges associated with the loan included in the total cost of the loan: administration fees for the registration/deletion of the mortgage in the real estate cadastre: CZK 2,000; compensation of costs associated with the valuation of the property: CZK 3,900; term of the loan: 25 years; the annual percentage rate of charge is 2.48%; and the total amount payable by the consumer is CZK 2,409,142 (based on the assumption that the interest rate will not change throughout the entire term of the loan).

* Lowest rate offered by Česká spořitelna a. s.