Guarantee yours and your family’s well-being. Choose the right insurance and nothing will surprise you.

FLEXI Life Insurance

FLEXI offers insurance against a wide range of risks, which can be freely combined and changed during the term of the insurance. It will provide security for those family members who are financially dependent on you. The insurance includes high-risk recreational sports insurance for 30 days a year and serves as compensation for a drop or loss of long-term income. FLEXI knows how to match the amount of your loan or mortgage. The insurance is thus cheaper.

FLEXI Risk Life Insurance

FLEXI Risk has your back no matter what you may be doing, including adrenaline sports. If you take care of yourself and live a healthy lifestyle, you will get a 26% discount on your insurance. The insurance will help you maintain your standard of living even if you experience something unexpected and have no one to turn to. You will get the money when you need it: you don’t have to wait until the end of treatment to file your claim.

FLEXI Junior Life Insurance

This insurance applies to many mishaps and misfortunes: from children’s injuries and their treatment to serious illnesses and permanent injuries. It will provide security for your child also if something happens to their guardian. It includes an investment component that you can set up according to your requirements. It appreciates over time and can be partially accessed by your child when they turn 19.

Premier Travel Insurance

Travel as you wish. Thanks to the Visa Infinite card, you automatically receive Premier insurance for you and your family whether you travel together or separately. Enjoy exclusive medical coverage of up to CZK 10 million. This insurance covers climbing to an elevation of 5 000 m, yachting any distance from shore and diving to a depth of 40 m.

Insurance of Personal Belongings and Cards

Insurance of personal belonging and cards makes it easier for you to replace lost documents, keys, wallet or glasses with new ones. It also covers the cost of changing our locks and document replacement fees. All account cards issued in your name are automatically insured against loss and unauthorised use for up to CZK 100 000.

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You will get the most out of Erste Premier if your savings and investments with the Česká spořitelna Financial Group exceed CZK 1 500 000, or your savings, investments and loans total CZK 4 000 000, or you transfer CZK 70 000 or more to your Premier Personal Account every month, which is your salary or income from self-employment.* 

*The Bank reserves the right to decide upon the provision of the Erste Premier service. The service is intended solely for Clients who are natural persons – non-entrepreneurs. Meeting the above criteria does not automatically entitle a person to become a Client of Erste Premier. The Client and the Bank may terminate the Erste Premier service without cause or by mutual agreement.  

Additional Information

Treatment of injuries

If you are injured, you need not wait until treatment is over. File your claim during your treatment and you will have the money when you need it. The insurance covers injuries where treatment is expected to exceed 22 days.

Permanent injuries from 0.5%

In case of a permanent injuries, we calculate the benefit percentage from up to ten times the chosen amount. The money paid out will help with the costs of modifying your home, purchasing medical equipment or a car.


If your net monthly income is CZK 20 000, your disability (Level 3) pension will be CZK 13 319. With our insurance, you can count on getting more. You can insure all three levels of disability and Level 2 dependence. If you become disabled because of a traffic accident, we will pay out double the benefit (a maximum increase of CZK  million).

Serious illness

Be protected against cardiovascular disease or cancer. You can opt for a lump-sum payment of the benefit or a flexible payment, where the amount paid out corresponds to the seriousness of the illness and the demands of the treatment.


We will pay out the benefit even if you are hospitalised for just one night.

Inability to work

If you can not work for more than 29 days because of an illness or injury, we will pay out the agreed benefit for each day you are on sick leave to top up your income.


In you die in a traffic accident, we will pay out double the benefit to the beneficiary (a maximum increase of CZK 1 million).

Examples of calculations

Monthly insurance premium: CZK 477; Age: 22; Term of insurance: 10 years

Permanent injuries up to CZK 6 000 000
Treatment CZK 200/day
Inability to work CZK 150/day
Death CZK 10 000

Monthly insurance premium: CZK 911; Age: 35; Term of insurance: 10 years

Serious illness with lump-sum payment of CZK 200 000
Level 3 disability CZK 1 500  000
Level 2 disability CZK 1 000 000
Level 1 disability CZK 5 000 000
Permanent injury Up to CZK 10 000 000
Hospitalisation CZK 300/day
Treatment CZK 300/day
Inability to work CZK 300/day
Death CZK 10 000

Monthly insurance premium: CZK 739; Age: 50; Term of insurance: 10 years

Serious illness with lump-sum payment of CZK 100 000
Level 3 disability CZK 200 000
Level 2 disability CZK 200 000
Level 1 disability CZK 100 000
Permanent injury Up to CZK 5 000 000
Hospitalisation CZK 150/day
Treatment CZK 150/day
Inability to work CZK 150/day
Death CZK 50 000

Other than usual coverage, this insurance reimburses up to CZK 15 000 for the purchase of required items. It also includes damage liability of up to CZK 3 million if you cause harm to someone else when travelling.

The VIP assistance service is available in Czech day and night on tel. +420 266 799 898 or +420 266 799 799. It will help you deal with any mishap you may suffer when travelling.

This insurance will cover your electronic devices, purse, backpack, documents, keys and glasses ifstolen. The limit on personal belongings is up to CZK 45 000.


Insurance coverage,
unauthorised use of card

Insurance coverage of card,
PIN-less transaction

Insurance coverage,
personal belongings
Mini CZK 30 000   CZK 15 000
Standard CZK 70 000 No limit CZK 30 000
Plus CZK 100 000 No limit CZK 45 000