Premier Banker will find the best solution for you to finance
your property purchase

Premier Mortgage

Mortgage or mortgage refinancing with a unique Premier rate. To add to your convenience, we provide a range of services at no cost: property valuation, securing the deposit of the lien – including the registration fee at the Land Registry, and express funding. During the repayment, you can also reduce or increase repayments by up to 30%, suspend repayment for up to three months or postpone the start of repayment all free of charge.

Buy to let mortgage

A mortgage loan will help you purchase an investment property, even if you have funds tied elsewhere. You can largely repay your mortgage from the rental income of the property.

American Mortgage

Get up to 10 million for whatever you want. Thanks to real estate collateral you get a better interest rate than ordinary loans. Payments can be spread over up to 20 years.

Mortgage for the future

A mortgage for the future will allow you to finance housing that complies with ecological trends. You will help the environment, save on fees and we will allow you to repay up to 10% of the mortgage free of charge using the obtained state subsidy.
We have a team of specialists to provide you with the information on subsidy options.

Turnover Mortgage

Turnover mortgage is a solution for self-employed clients, by whom we can recognize a significant part of turnover as income. This allows us to approve a higher loan for you than if your income was evaluated in the usual way.

Mortgage Refinancing

If you transfer your mortgage from a different bank to us, we will guarantee the interest rate up to one year in advance and advise you on the best way to refinance your mortgage. You will also receive all the benefits associated with the Erste Premier programme.

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You will get the Erste Premier free of charge complying with at least one of the following criteria:

monthly income (your wage or income from your business paid to your Premier Personal Account) of at least CZK 70,000 has to be observed concurrently with savings, investments and loans with the Česka spořitelna Financial Group in the amount of CZK 250,000 or;

have savings and investments with the Česka spořitelna Financial Group exceed CZK 2,500,000 or;

have savings, investments and loans with the Česka spořitelna Financial Group of at least CZK 4,000,000.*

*The Bank reserves the right to decide upon the provision of the Erste Premier Service. The Erste Premier is only available as personal banking service not for the businesses. Meeting the above criteria does not automatically entitle a person to become a Client of Erste Premier. The Client and the Bank may terminate the Erste Premier Service without reason or by mutual agreement.   

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