Accounts and Cards

With the Premier Personal Account, there is no need to look elsewhere for professional and discrete services. We will provide two exclusive Premier payment cards with your account, each with a large number of benefits for you and your family.

Premier Personal Account

With the Premier personal account, all common banking operations are free of charge. You don’t pay for debit card withdrawals from all ATMs in the Czech Republic and from the ATMs of other banks abroad. You can manage your account from anywhere with our online and mobile banking George. With your account you will receive two exclusive Premier payment cards, each with a large number of benefits for you and your family.

Exclusive Visa and Mastercard Cards

With the Premier personal account, we offer exclusive payments cards with a luxury design that can do more than perform contactless payments in shops or pay online or cash withdrawals from ATMs. The combination of Visa Infinite and Mastercard World Elite cards provides exclusive benefits, free services and privileges all over the world.

Visa Infinite credit card

Visa Infinite credit cards with an attractive design offer a convenient combination of cards to match a modern lifestyle including travel. When abroad or when paying online, you always use the bank’s money, so your funds are not touched. We provide an interest-free period of up to 55 days for cashless payments as well as for one-time payment order transfers and cash advances from ATMs. You can also use an attractive interest rate of 9.9% p.a. regardless of how you draw the funds on the credit card. Of course, the card account is managed free of charge, you can set a 100% direct debit for the total amount due and you can use the Visa discount programme with selected types of goods and accommodation in selected international hotels.

Payment cards and airport lounges

You can access the Erste Premier Lounge free of charge upon producing any of your payment cards bearing the Erste Premier logo and your air ticket or boarding pass. By the same token, any Erste Premier payment card will give you access to more than 1,100 LoungeKey lounges all over the world.

Your Mastercard World Elite card will give you access to the Mastercard Lounge at the airports in Prague, Bratislava and Vienna.

Premier Foreign Currency Accounts

You can get an unlimited number of foreign currency accounts, which are available in a range of currencies for free. We are able to link any of your Premier debit cards to your foreign currency accounts. If you use your card to make payments or make cash withdrawals in a foreign country, these operations will take place directly in the country’s official currency.

Premier Savings

You can use your Premier savings account to deposit your funds and increase their value, while having access to your money at all the time. You don’t pay anything to set up, maintain or cancel the account. You can even arrange access to the account for a family member or friend.

Erste Premier Benefits

Digital World

You have a flexible access to your finances anytime, anywhere. Depending on current situation, you can choose to use George Internet and Mobile Banking, Erste Premier Priority Line, or Busy Banking service to manage your finances easily.


With our online banking George and its mobile version, you can conveniently and securely manage your finances from anywhere in the world. In combination with the George Klic app, it brings a higher level of security. Banking IDentity, which is a new way of verification, allows you to enter payments quickly and intuitively, including foreign payments, up to CZK 5 million. George offers you comfort you can easily get used to.

Erste Premier Line

An alternative in the digital world is the Erste Premier line +420 956 777 569, available every business day from 7 am to 10 pm. Experienced telephone bankers will handle your requests, advise you and carry out most of your banking transactions with you.

Busy Banking

We know your time is precious. With Busy Banking, you can manage some of your daily banking operations from a distance. You just call your Premier banker and make the necessary arrangements over the phone. In this way you can, for example, open a new account, have a new card issued, or renew your fixed-term deposit when the term ends. You just approve your request using the internet banking.

We are here for you

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You will get the Erste Premier free of charge complying with at least one of the following criteria:

monthly income (your wage or income from your business paid to your Premier Personal Account) of at least CZK 70,000 has to be observed concurrently with savings, investments and loans with the Česka spořitelna Financial Group in the amount of CZK 250,000 or;

have savings and investments with the Česka spořitelna Financial Group exceed CZK 2,500,000 or;

have savings, investments and loans with the Česka spořitelna Financial Group of at least CZK 4,000,000.*

*The Bank reserves the right to decide upon the provision of the Erste Premier Service. The Erste Premier is only available as personal banking service not for the businesses. Meeting the above criteria does not automatically entitle a person to become a Client of Erste Premier. The Client and the Bank may terminate the Erste Premier Service without reason or by mutual agreement.   

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