Our investment experts will sit down with you and propose a strategic and tactical individual investment plan.

We don’t merely sell investment products. We want to know your needs and expectations so that we can find the optimal investment solution together. We offer a number of ways to value your resources together. We focus primarily on investment advice, where you will especially appreciate the experience and know-how of your banker.

Investment Advisory

Erste Premier Investment Concept

We will create for you a comprehensive investment portfolio that respects your needs. The representation of each asset will reflect your individual requirements for yield potential and risk level.

Open Architecture

We support open architecture when creating investment concept. Therefore, we are not only limited to Erste Group's investment products, but cooperate with other reputable investment managers.

Structured Products

We build current investment ideas into structured products, giving you access to attractive opportunities from a variety of economic sectors.

Investment Center

The Investment Center portal provides comprehensive product and information services for all who are interested in the world of investment and information about products offered by Česká spořitelna. Current developments in financial markets, information on stocks, indices, interest rates or currencies, macroeconomic analysis and forecasts, comments on capital market developments and detailed information on all investment products of the Erste Bank financial group offered by Česká spořitelna are available online on your desktop, but also on your mobile devices.

You can also have an investment center on your phone

Available in  both Apple and Android, the "Investment Center" app brings you the main content of the web portal to invest in your smartphone at any time, giving you access to the most up-to-date market data (stocks, indices, interest rates, rates, interactive charts, etc.) and you will be informed about Česká spořitelna's products. Download for free from the Google Play and App Store.

Services for Independent Investors

Services for independent investors We offer investment products that will suit both conservative investors and dynamically oriented clients. Among them is a rich offer of bonds, structured debt instruments, mutual funds, investment certificates, stocks or investment gold bars.

Investing online

We enable real-time trading of investment instruments through TraderGO. You can also use phone trading on financial markets using the service Investment Broker ČS.

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You will get the Erste Premier free of charge complying with at least one of the following criteria:

monthly income (your wage or income from your business paid to your Premier Personal Account) of at least CZK 70,000 has to be observed concurrently with savings, investments and loans with the Česka spořitelna Financial Group in the amount of CZK 250,000 or;

have savings and investments with the Česka spořitelna Financial Group exceed CZK 2,500,000 or;

have savings, investments and loans with the Česka spořitelna Financial Group of at least CZK 4,000,000.*

*The Bank reserves the right to decide upon the provision of the Erste Premier Service. The Erste Premier is only available as personal banking service not for the businesses. Meeting the above criteria does not automatically entitle a person to become a Client of Erste Premier. The Client and the Bank may terminate the Erste Premier Service without reason or by mutual agreement.