Our investment experts will sit down with you and propose a strategic and tactical individual investment plan.

We don’t merely sell investment products. It is not before we get to know your needs and expectations that we devise the optimum investment solution for you. We offer a broad range of investment opportunities, while placing investment advice at the core of our endeavours, as this is where you can truly appreciate your banker’s know-how.

Investment Advisory

Erste Premier Investment Solution

Your banker will pay maximum attention to creating a complex investment portfolio that reflects your lifestyle and financial needs. Individual asset classes will be represented withinthe portfolio in proportion to the return potential and degree of risk that match your personal risk tolerance and objectives.

Open Architecture

We adhere to the principles of open architecture. This gives you access not only to investment products of Erste Group, but also to products offered by the world's leading investment companies.

Structured Products

Our structured products reflect current investment ideas. They represent an attractive opportunity to invest in various industry sectors and difficult-to-access markets.

Services for Independent Investors

Investment funds

You can invest in the investment funds of renowned investment companies, such as Fidelity International, Franklin Templeton Investment, BNP Paribas Asset Management, NN Investment Partners, Allianz Global Investors and Erste Asset Management.

You Invest

We choose the investment strategy – from conservative to higher risk – based on your vision, current situation and future goals. All You Invest funds are mixed. We provide daily statements to keep you fully informed.

ČS Real Estate Fund

Returns are generated mainly from rental income, while you are burdened with none of the concerns of owning and operating the real estate in question.

Bonds and structured bonds

This type of investment is especially suitable for conservative investors. Our offer includes not only bonds issues by Erste Group, but also bond issues by major companies and banks, such as Citibank, BNP Paribas and Commerzbank.

Gold ingots

Gold is an investment that has been tried and tested for centuries. It is considered the traditional bearer of value. It is a sure, stable and attractive investment. It is not dependent on any specific country or on any specific currency. Gold itself functions like a universal currency.

Investing Online

Investment Broker

Thanks to the ČS Investment Broker service, you can trade on the global stock markets. Just call our broker and give him your instructions. You will receive all confirmations and information about the status of your portfolio from us by email.


We have teamed up with SAXO Bank to create for you an online investment app for investing in shares, commodities, currencies etc. The app is a web app. You can install it on your computer. There is, of course, a version for tablet and smart phone. You can easily test everything out in the demo version.

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You will get the most out of Erste Premier if your savings and investments with the Česká spořitelna Financial Group exceed CZK 1 500 000, or your savings, investments and loans total CZK 4 000 000, or you transfer CZK 70 000 or more to your Premier Personal Account every month, which is your salary or income from self-employment.* 

*The Bank reserves the right to decide upon the provision of the Erste Premier service. The service is intended solely for Clients who are natural persons – non-entrepreneurs. Meeting the above criteria does not automatically entitle a person to become a Client of Erste Premier. The Client and the Bank may terminate the Erste Premier service without cause or by mutual agreement.